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Termination of service for older machine models

In view of the fact that Jakob Müller AG ceased the manufacture of certain machines over 25 years ago, we have decided to terminate the servicing and supply of spare parts for this generation of equipment with effect from 30 April 2015. This decision affects the following models:

  • EPD jacquard machines:    MCE, NFJE
  • Narrow fabric looms:            NA, VARITEX Series 1, 2, 3 as well
                                                      EMJOS and EJI (jacquard models)
  • Crochet knitting machines: RB, RD1, RD2

We wish to provide all customers that are still using this machinery with a final opportunity to purchase parts from us. Orders received before 31 January 2015 will be dealt with subject to the conditions contained in the current price list. Orders made after 1 February 2015 will be subject to a price increase of 30 per cent.
In this connection we will no longer restock components that are already out of production, or cannot be acquired. Should we have any such parts in store, these will be sold on a first come, first served basis.
We would recommend that you contact our spare parts service as soon as possible in order to be able to build up stocks for everyday requirements.
After 30 April 2015 we will no longer accept any related orders or provide Helpdesk services for this machine generation.

Spare part orders at:  parts.jmf@mueller-frick.com

Spare parts: Nothing is Better than the Original

Müller customers swear by original Müller spare parts because these are designed to optimally match the system and application of each Müller machine. Due to efficient distribution centres at all Müller production centres and in ten additional countries, most spare parts can be dispatched on the same day and delivered by courier within 24 hours.

Spare parts can be ordered as follows:
Select from the diagram the spare parts centre for your country.

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