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Systems for Deying / Finishing / Coating

MFR SE 1 – Coninuous single or double end dyeing and finishing machine

For ribbon samples and small to medium size production quantities.
For light to medium-heavy, elastic and non elastic ribbons.

Basic modelsS: polyamid, cotton, viscose, acetate, rayon
F: polyester
C: polyester, polyamid, cotton, viscose,
    acetate, rayon
ribbon content in the steamer and dryer [m]240165125100
depending on the ribbon width [mm]10203040
Max. adjustable speed [m/min]40
Important features
Low tension ribbon laying within the fixing chamber by means of a lockable reel without ribbon guide
Good colour fixing due to a large steaming hood
Good fastness attainable with just two washing chambers
Intensive high-temperature washing system cuts water, chemical and energy consumption
PLC control with touch-screen
Special design for velvet ribbons and hook and loop fasteners

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