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A new hot spot for narrow fabrics and smart textiles

The International Narrow Fabrics and Smart Textiles Week at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Mönchengladbach, Germany is developing into an important platform within our branch of the industry. Over 200 participants attended the latest event from 19 to 23 February in order to listen to presentations and exchange ideas.

The International Narrow Fabrics and Smart Textiles Week took place in February 2018 and was professionally organised and managed by the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Mönchengladbach with the participation of the Jakob Müller Group. In the course of lectures, the attendees from a range of countries received interesting insights into the latest developments from both the scientific field and industrial practice. 

The Jakob Müller Group presented contributions on the topics of “Needle weaving – New techniques  - New products” and “Narrow fabric upgrading”. Extracts from these talks can be found here.

In parallel to the lectures, institutes and companies exhibited their current projects and new developments. Moreover, the programme left sufficient time and space for discussions and personal exchanges of ideas. We were delighted to see so many of our clients once again and we also found the exchanges with students, who presented the results of their work, as particularly valuable. Their projects gave us cause for optimism that the supply of young people to our branch is secured.   

The next International Narrow Fabrics and Smart Textiles Week will be held in 2020 and we are already looking forward to greeting you there.

The Techtextil 2017 in Frankfurt – a record fair with 1,477 exhibitors

With 1,477 exhibitors from 55 countries, the Techtextil, which ran from 9 to 12 May 2017, offered its visitors more than ever before. Major customer interest also ensured that the Jakob Müller Group stand was a hive of activity.

On its stand in the new Müller design, the group presented a cross-section of its current machinery range. In operation were the NH2 narrow fabric loom, the Comez Acotronic 8B/600 crochet knitting machine with a fibre glass web, as well as the UV60-W automatic cutting and winding machine with its new fivefold tool changer, and the MFR FC dyeing and finishing system for narrow fabrics with coatings on one side.   

Not only were visitor numbers pleasingly high, but also the quality of the discussions held. Consequently, the foundations were laid for innumerable new projects. Therefore, it can be justifiably stated that the convincing Müller exhibit created a truly successful trade fair presence.   


The IGATEX 2017 in Pakistan – a high-potential market

The IGATEX is the most important textile industry trade fair in Pakistan. This year’s fair was held from 26 to 29 April in Karachi and Jakob Müller AG was present on the stand of its local representative, Associated Textile Consultants Ltd.

Recently the number of trade fairs in Pakistan has demonstrated inflationary growth. However, of the three annual, textile industry events, the IGATEX, which is held alternately in Lahore and Karachi, remains the most important. This year, some 300 companies from the machinery and plant building area had exhibits and in the main were represented by their local agents. Our representative, Associated Textile Consultants (Pvt) Ltd, prepared a highly attractive stand and the visitor response to our presence was also extremely positive. Numerous companies from the narrow fabrics sector used the opportunity provided to gather information about the latest developments, discuss concrete projects, or simply cultivate personal contacts.   

The significance of the textile industry in Pakistan is immense and with a roughly 60 per cent share of total export volume, it plays a decisive role in national economic development. The Pakistan government wishes to further strengthen the textile sector and is planning a package of measures involving the provision of low-interest company loans totalling some USD 1.7 billion. Consequently, Pakistan offers great potential and will thus remain a strategically important market for our company.   

Cairo textile machine symposium generates positive signals for the Egyptian textile industry

Ragy Abbas, Christian Lerch, Robert Reimann, Ernesto Maurer

Following the massive caesura in the wake of the 2011 revolution, Egypt’s economy is returning to a growth course. The textile machinery symposium held in Cairo on 4 and 5 April also showed that the textile industry is emerging from the doldrums.

Egypt is a market with some 100 million inhabitants that can look back on textile traditions dating back millennia. Furthermore, the quality of the Mako cotton grown domestically is currently regarded as one of the finest in the world. Accordingly, the textile industry continues to play a central role within the national economy and ranks third in importance behind the Suez Canal and tourism. Home textiles (towelling and table linen) constitute the main product along with clothing for both the local market and exports, which go primarily to Europe and the USA. 

In the past, owing to its size, the Egyptian textile industry represented a traditionally important sales market for Swiss machinery and also showed signs of growth. However, this trend came to an abrupt end with the 2011 revolution and its accompanying, dramatic political and economic changes. The market slumped and failed to show any signs of recovery over an extended period. Nonetheless, we continued to maintain our long-term customer relationships by means of visits, because even in difficult times it is important to cultivate markets and support one’s clientele.

In the meantime, there are signs of an improvement in Egypt’s economic situation and therefore the decision of the textile machinery section of SWISSMEM, the Swiss machinery association, to organise a symposium on the spot undoubtedly represented the perfect way of strengthening and deepening the long-standing relations with local customers. It is also worthy of mention that this was the first symposium of its type to be held in Egypt by a European specialist association since the revolution.

As was to be expected, the event met with great interest. During its two days, the various presentations were attended by a total of 400 visitors, including numerous customers from the narrow fabrics sector. Accordingly, apart from the lectures there were plenty of opportunities for personal discussions with the symposium’s attendees.

The feedback from the visitors was entirely positive and therefore this get-together certainly represented an important springboard for the future.

Impressions of the event




China International Textile & Clothing Industry Fair (DTC)

Getting ready for the show

The fair held in Dongguan in southern China met with lively customer interest.

With 450 exhibitors, the annual Dongguan fair is the largest specialist event for the textile machinery industry in China’s southerly region. At this year’s fair, which was held from 29 March to 1 April, Jakob Müller showcased its Varitex narrow fabric looms, Comez crochet knitting machines and the large NXC 4/66 jacquard machine, which is manufactured exclusively for the Chinese market. Visitors to our stand were clearly impressed by the capabilities of the machines on show and numerous customers used the opportunity on offer to purchase spare parts at trade fair conditions. Therefore, all in all, Dongguan was a truly successful show.




Visitors from Sweden

Jakob Müller AG is linked to the Bandi company from Kumla in Sweden by a lengthy partnership. Bandi has been producing narrow fabrics and belts for industrial purposes for some eighty years and is the Velcro © groups’s sales partner in the Scandinavian market. During a visit to Switzerland, a large Bandi delegation paid us a visit, which both sides used for an exchange of views.