Jakob Müller AG

Jakob Müller AG
Systems and Solutions
for Narrow Fabrics

Innovation since 1887

Continuous ground breaking innovations have turned Jakob Müller AG from a small Swiss company into a global enterprise.

1887Company founded by Jakob Müller-Schneider:
Narrow fabric weaving systems with punch card control
1900 Shedding formation based on the Jacquard system
1918Narrow fabric loom for zipper tape
1956Technology introduced for hook & loop fasteners
1963Premier narrow fabric needle loom
1977Jakob Müller Deutschland GmbH  founded
1979Jakob Müller Italiana S.p.A. founded
1982Jakob Müller of America, Inc. founded
1987MÜGRIP MBJ1 – Rapier label weaving machine
1994Jakob Müller (India) Private Ltd. founded
1997MÜJET MBJL1 – Air jet label weaving machine
Jakob Müller Machinery (China) Co. Ltd.
1998Jakob Müller Nippon K.K. founded
1999MDR42 – Electronically controlled crochet knitting machine with weft insertion
2000Jakob Müller Brasil Ltda. founded
Jakob Müller de Mexico S.A. de C.V. founded
Jakob Müller Hong Kong China Ltd. founded
2001Jakob Müller Institute of Narrow Fabrics founded
2003MÜNUMBER-MASTER – Software
2005Integration SB Breitenbach Maschinen AG
2007New Production Centre in Möhlin
2008Jakob Müller Česká republika, A.S. founded
2009NH53 – Electronically controlled narrow fabric loom
NG3M und NC2M – Rope weaving systems

MÜGRIP MBJ6 – new generation rapier label weaving machine
MÜPRINT MDP2 – Direct inkjet printing system

2012Jakob Müller AG and COMEZ s.r.l. combine their activities
2015 COMEZ International s.r.l. became a full member of the Jakob Müller Group