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Well-trained personnel can boost the your company’s performance

More know-how equals value added. Therefore, our training centre’s coaching range is sure to pay dividends. 

Coaching possibilities in the field of narrow fabrics are a rarity. A fact, which makes the range of basic and further training that Jakob Müller AG has developed for its customers even more valuable. Moreover, the educational effects are most long lasting when courses are completed at the company’s training centre in Frick, Switzerland. 

Well-trained and motivated personnel in every area are just as important as plant and machinery, and this evident truth also applies in the narrow fabrics industry. Nonetheless, the possibilities for basic and further training in our branch are extremely limited. This is because the largely state-run, educational institutions in the textile field are increasingly focusing on generalised training, which means that special know-how has to be acquired through learning by doing. Even in the industrialised world, finding courses regarding the production of narrow fabrics is today already a problematic task. 

Therefore, in order not to leave such training to chance, the Jakob Müller AG machinery company in Frick, Switzerland has created a training and communications centre for the narrow fabrics industry. This centre offers in-depth, basic and further training for the skilled personnel of narrow fabrics companies from around the world. In Frick, these employees acquire the knowledge needed for the completion of their company assignments, from the creation of innovative products to the efficient manufacture of tapes and labels. 

Personnel training guarantees competitive production

In addition to practical basic and further training directly on computers or machinery, the growing complexity of the demands made on employees mean that theoretical knowledge in the fields of textile technology and business management is in increasing demand. Consequently, the training courses have a modular structure and trainees are thus able to combine the modules best suited to their respective requirements. Experienced specialists provide the instruction using the very latest teaching aids and at the end of the training, a certificate is awarded, which confirms that graduates have acquired in-depth expertise in the narrow fabrics field.     

Training at the machinery producer is more efficient

A large number of machines and various models are available at the training centre in Frick for the support of practical training, and teaching takes place in a relaxed but orderly atmosphere. By contrast, our long-term experience has convinced us that training held directly at customer premises is subject to a variety of disruptive factors. For example, when employees are called away to deal with urgent matters, they miss a number of hours of instruction and therefore the teaching content has to be repeated. Conversely, the participants in training courses in Frick can concentrate fully on eight hours of schooling daily, which ensures course success.

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We are pleased to advise you with regard to the manner in which courses at the Jakob Müller AG training centre can be used for the advancement of your personnel. Please contact: 


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