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Practical Professional Development and Training

The «Jakob Müller Institute of Narrow Fabrics» in Frick offers courses for skilled employees and management from narrow fabric manufacturing companies. At the institute, employees from customers operating worldwide, learn what they need to be successful in performing their individual roles from the creation of innovative products to the efficient manufacture of all types of narrow fabrics.

Course languages

German, English, Spanish, French

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01/27/2020 – 01/29/2020

NF Basic Course / Grundkurs No. 201

Course Language / Kurssprache: German

Course Number / Kursnummer: 201

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02/24/2020 – 02/26/2020

Cours de base NF / NF Basic Course / Grundkurs No. 202

Course Language: french

Course Number: 202

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03/16/2020 – 03/27/2020

MÜGRIP MBJ8 Basic Course No. 302

Course Language: English

Course Number: 302

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03/09/2020 – 03/13/2020

MÜCAD Basic Course No. 129

Course Language: English

Course Number: 129

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03/23/2020 – 03/25/2020

NH2 Basic Course / Grundkurs No. 283

Course Language/Kurssprache: English / Deutsch

Course Number/Kursnummer: 283

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03/16/2020 – 03/20/2020

MÜCAD MINI Basic Course No. 156

Course Language / Kurssprache: English / Deutsch

Course Number / Kursnummer: 156


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