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"360°" our new MÜGRIP® MBJ8 SPE3M 3072

We are pleased to be able to offer you a solution for the production of satin labels in 200mm group width on basis of a mono jacquard. The version with a total of up to 3072 hooks also offers the possibility of expanding the range of articles in the direction of larger label widths of up to 400mm in taffeta quality. The SPE3M 3072 jacquard offers a compact unit using parts and assemblies from the proven SPE3 series. In addition to compatibility with other versions of the MBJ8 series, this solution offers significant energy savings and reduced wear and tear.


In addition, with our integrated solution based on the MBJ8, we generally offer further, substantial advantages, such as high production speeds, a single control system for the entire machine, simple programming, high user-friendliness through intuitive machine operation, easy machine connectivity through our mymuenet® platform, great flexibility with regard to the use of the most diverse yarns and weft densities, etc.. All in all a highly efficient machine for the requirements of the future.

We are of course at your disposal for further information.


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