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COMEZ takes over service for Müller warp knitting machines

This strategic decision was taken to support our customers from the location with the highest knitting expertise in the Müller Group.

Please note: All orders placed with Jakob Müller AG Switzerland until 23rd January 2019, as well as all pending offers, will still be processed by our Swiss headquarters. However, we ask all customers to contact COMEZ International s.r.I. from 24th January 2019 onwards for parts orders or offers for the mentioned knitting machines.

If you have handled parts orders and technical queries through our local representative office in the past, you can of course continue do so.

If you were previously in direct contact with us as the manufacturer of these machines, you would need to contact in future our competence center for warp knitting machines, COMEZ International s.r.I. :

Tel .: +39 0381 698662

All contact information for COMEZ International s.r.I. can also be found on the COMEZ homepage:

Please note that customer service for RC, MDR and GWM remains with Jakob Müller AG in Switzerland.