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Information from Customer Service

Here you will find important information relating to our customer service. 

Reduced scope of services for older Müller machines

As from 1 November 2019, the after sales service for a number of older Müller machines will have to be reduced

Many of our customers operate Müller machines, which despite their age remain fully functional and over the years made a sizeable contribution to profitability. This speaks for the outstanding quality of our products. In order to provide support for such machines Jakob Müller AG maintains a willingness to supply spare parts for a longer than average period. However, once machines reach a certain age, the comprehensive availability of spare parts can no longer be guaranteed, especially with regard to control systems. Furthermore, in the case of mechanical components it is virtually impossible to continue to offer rarely requested items at economically justifiable conditions.

In the table below you will find an overview of machines for which, owing to the reasons stated above, we will largely terminate our after sales service at the end of October 2019. As from this date, parts will only be available which are also used in successor machines or related models.

The following machine types are affected:

Machine types
(end of production in brackets)

Successor / related models

GWM 1200 with MS-DOS control system

GWM1200 with Windows control system, mechanically largely identical

MDR42 (until approx. 2008)

MDR2 42, mechanics and control system largely identical

CTM/SITAM (until approx. 2009)

CKM, many identical parts

MÜSONIC (first generation, until approx.  2004)

MÜSONIC2/3, few individual electrical, electronic and mechanical parts are identical

MÜTHERM (until approx. 2011)

MÜTHERM with new control system as from 2012, mechanically partly identical

NE (until approx. 1986)

Only few parts used in other machines

Therefore we would like to offer you an opportunity to place a final order for those spare parts which are in use exclusively on the machine types listed above. The offer is subject to following restrictions: Offers are accepted until 31st of October 2019, but parts, which can no longer be manufactured or purchased at economically justifiable conditions, will not be reproduced. Should we still have such parts in store, they will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

We would like to advise you to contact your spare parts supplier as soon as possible, in order to cover your long-term needs for the support of these machines. Please mark your enquiries for quotations or orders related to this action with the note “All time needs 2019”. After 31 October 2019, we will not be able to accept further orders, nor will we provide helpdesk support or carry out service visits for this generation of machines.

Should you have any questions in this connection, please contact the spare parts supplier of the Jakob Müller Group who is responsible for attending your company.

MÜCARD1 and MÜCARD2 services

All warp crochet knitting activities are being pooled at our Italian subsidiary COMEZ INTERNATIONAL s.r.l. and while MÜCARD software can still be used with the old operating system Windows 2000 and Windows XP, it is unsuitable for Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Therefore we recommend that you operate your workstation offline in order to protect it from hacker attacks.

Moreover, if at some point in the future you renew your IT infrastructure and purchase computers with newer versions of Windows, our subsidiary COMEZ INTERNATIONAL s.r.l. (E-mail: will be able to offer you an appropriate alternative to MÜCARD.  

For additional information, please contact our Service Team Pattern Design and ProgrammingSystems. Our employees will be pleased to assist (Tel: +41 62 8655 189, E-Mail: