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Information from Customer Service

Here you will find important information relating to our customer service. 

Advance notice of new MÜCAD V5.0 SOFTWARE

Dear customers

We are pleased to announce the launch of version 5.0 of our pattern creation and programming software MÜCAD today. It will be available for you from July 1, 2020. With this version we make sure that the production of designs and weaving patterns for label and ribbon weaving machines is working smoothly even under future versions of the Microsoft operating system Windows.

The version MÜCAD V5.0 is based on the 64 bit architecture and corresponds to the current state of computer technology. With the 64 bit architecture, computing power increases and increased productivity is possible, as is the processing of very large patterns. In addition it will enable us to react quickly to the half-yearly updates of the Windows products.

Further information on the MÜCAD software can be found at:

As previously announced, the MÜCAD software can be procured against an annual license fee since October 2019. These are your advantages:

  • Guaranteed compatibility with the half-yearly new Windows versions
  • Free updates within the subscription period
  • Free help desk support and advice
  • Low entry costs, low capital expenditure
  • Cost transparency and flexible adjustment of the number of licenses

Switch to the license model now and take advantage of our promotional offer, which is valid since 01/01/2020 until 06/30/2020:

  • Introductory offer for customers with MÜCAD V4.1 (acquired after September 2017): With the purchase of an annual license, you are granted a free extension of six months (valid for all MÜCAD software products). Request an offer for a license for MÜCAD V5.0 software before 30th June 2020, and place the order within the validity period of the offer. So you can benefit from the advantages and the latest software version for pattern creation and programming.

Contact our spare parts service today:

MÜCAD V4.2 software update

  • Do you already have a MÜCAD V4.2 software license? We would be happy to provide you with the free update to MÜCAD V5.0.

MÜCAD V4.0 software

This version was last sold in 2014 and was still running under the old Windows versions Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8, for which Microsoft has meanwhile discontinued or at least restricted the service. As a consequence our helpdesk support for Mücad version 4.0 will be discontinued on June 30, 2020.

MÜCAD V4.1 software

For versions 4.1x we will continue to offer help desk support in the sense of help with program operation and textile technical support, provided the Mücad is operated on a Windows 10 version 1903 or older. For the error-free operation of Mücad versions 4.1x under later Windows versions, we do not take any guarantee and cannot offer any support if there are conflicts with the operating system, regardless of whether these conflicts are the result of an accidental update of the operating system or incorrect manipulation by the operator.