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Information from the Customer Services

Here you will find all the important information relating to our customer services. 

MÜCAD software update

Update your MÜCAD software to version 4.1 NOW!

The increasing spread of MICROSOFT’s Windows 10 operating system has prompted us to further develop our MÜCAD software for use on this platform and thus retain our ability to provide you with efficient, future-oriented design software. Apart from Windows 10, the new software version is equally compatible with Windows 7 and 8, and therefore the 4.1 MÜCAD software replaces all its predecessors, i.e. MÜCAD 3.7 and older.

However, we will continue to support these until 1 December 2018.   

In view of this development, we would recommend that you update your existing workstations with the latest 4.1 MÜCAD version. As an existing MÜCAD user you have the possibility to actualise all your existing MÜCAD work stations with the MÜCAD version 4.1 update package, regardless of which version you have currently installed. The update variations are as follows:

  • MÜCAD Basis: CHF 1'350.– plus CHF 350.– or one new dongle per work station
  • MÜCAD Micro or MÜCAD Mini: CHF 850.– plus CHF 350.– or one new dongle per work station
  • MÜCAD Basis: CHF 1'000.– plus CHF 350.– or one new dongle per work station
  • MÜCAD Micro or MÜCAD Mini: CHF 850.– plus CHF 350.– or one new dongle per work station
  • MÜCAD Basis: CHF 350.–
  • MÜCAD Micro or MÜCAD Mini: CHF 350.–
  • MÜCAD Basis / MÜCAD Micro / MÜCAD Mini: Processing fee CHF 150.–

The old parallel dongles, as well as the older USB-dongles used for version 3.6, can no longer be employed and have to be replaced with a new USB dongle. Therefore, upon receipt of a new version, please return the old USB dongles, either directly to our Helpdesk in Frick or via our local representative. The delivery address for direct returns is as follows: Jakob Müller AG Frick

CAD Helpdesk CC
CH-5070 Frick


Should you be interested, you can request the update package directly via our spare parts service (fax +41 62 8655 757, E-mail:

When making an enquiry regarding a quotation, please state the MÜCAD version with which you are currently working and how many dongles you will need to exchange.

If you place an order, we will send you a confirmation. Once the payment for your order has been received, you will be entitled to request a password from our Helpdesk. Using the password you can easily download the update from our website and then subsequently install it on your design stations. Should you prefer to receive the update package by post on a CD, please state this with your order. Any requested replacement dongles will be supplied to you by post.

For additional information, please contact our Service Team Pattern Design and ProgrammingSystems. Our employees will be pleased to assist (Tel: +41 62 8655 554, Fax +41 62 8655 260, E-Mail:

MÜCARD1 and MÜCARD2 services

All warp crochet knitting activities are being pooled at our Italian subsidiary COMEZ INTERNATIONAL s.r.l. and while MÜCARD software can still be used with the old operating system Windows 2000 and Windows XP, it is unsuitable for Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Therefore we recommend that you operate your workstation offline in order to protect it from hacker attacks.

Moreover, if at some point in the future you renew your IT infrastructure and purchase computers with newer versions of Windows, our subsidiary COMEZ INTERNATIONAL s.r.l. (E-mail: will be able to offer you an appropriate alternative to MÜCARD.  

MÜSONIC2 Service-Transfer

In future, Jakob Müller Germany will look after MÜSONIC2 machines

The new, ultrasonic MÜSONIC3 label slitting machine is manufactured by our subsidiary Jakob Müller Deutschland GmbH. This machine is closely related to its predecessor, the MÜSONIC2, and therefore it is only logical that in future the German company will also provide the after sales service for the older model. This change will take effect as from 1 January 2018.   

Any order received by Jakob Müller AG in Frick prior to this date, as well as all current quotations, will be dealt with by our Swiss headquarters.

However, after January 1, we would request that customers working with the MÜSONIC2 contact Jakob Müller Deutschland GmbH with regard to spare part orders and technical questions.  

The complete Jakob Müller Deutschland GmbH address can be found on our website.