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High performance harnesses

For air jet-, rapier and needle narrow fabric looms.

Max. weft insertion speed
     For narrow fabric needle looms 1500 picks/min
     For air jet looms 1150 picks/min
     For rapier looms 800 picks/min
Comber board
     Composite material with optimally drilled radii and hole arrangements
     Wear resistant, high-strength synthetic fibre
     Steel springs, Absorbing springs (JES-system) or Lycra
     Heald / Harness cord: Delta sleeve (patented) or shrink-down plastic tube links
     Harness / Jacquard machine: quick connection, plastic eyelet / steel hook or knot / steel hook

As a result of minimum friction, high-performanceharnesses offer insertion speeds.

  • The smallest possible linkage points between the individual components (cords/healds/pull-down elements) make a decisive contribution to a reduction in friction and related vibration.
  • The optimum form of this link prolongs the service life of the harness.
  • Comber board
    Composite material with optimum bore radii and hole arrangement
  • Cords
    Special, resistant, high-strength polyester with antistatic finishing
  • Delta harness link
    Patented plastic link, which can be reopened
  • Shrink-down plastic tube links
    Easily exchangeable shrink-down plastic tube links with special conical ends, which prevent stacking. In combination with the new heald ends, this feature results in slimline joins between the cords and the healds
  • Pull-down
  • Steel springs High-quality, stainless spring steel with vibration-absorbing guide rod.
  • Absorbing springs (JES-system)
  • Lycra: ageing-resistant, with lasting flexibility
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