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 MÜNAME-MASTER – Additional software for MÜCAD

Programming of labels that are difficult to copy or forgery-proof with individual sequential numbering and/or individual identification.


  • For the automatic processing of specific order data by article template. The ready-to-weave sample is
    prepared automatically and the pattern and order data transferred to the machine without any manual intervention.


  • For the preparation of specific templates or textile fonts with 254 characters.

Complementary Software

  • MÜCAD DIGICOLOR: Conversion of high-resolution images for the digital weaving process and the programming of electronically controlled Jacquard machines.
  • MÜBARCODE: Programming of labels that are difficult to copy or forgery-proof labels with indiviual identification.

provides an economic solution for the automated production of customised, small batches.


  • Largely automated production and therefore major savings with regard to manual intervention and increased machine-related advantages
  • Diverse design and application possibilities with regard to weft and warp effects using MÜCAD
  • Use of existing textile fonts or Window fonts for larger lettering
  • The template contains any number of variables, which can be filled automatically with order-related data such as figures, text, a bar code or graphic elements
  • Straightforward preparation of a template, which can also be purchased as a one-off, which reduces the initial costs and means that the purchase of a MÜCAD is not essential
  • Simple operation


  • MÜNAME Editor


All articles produced in series with only a fewrepeats:

  • Serial designations or washing instructions for articles of clothing
  • Name tags
  • Logotypes (also several lines)
  • Variable type fonts
  • Combinations with images/logo and/or bar code
  • Possibility for the automatic adjustment of the label length to that of the text
  • Case and bag shoulder straps with names, also possible with wide/narrow fabrics
  • Woven badges: text combined with image and bar code
  • Military badges with name and rank
  • Individual scarves with signature
  • Elastic narrow fabrics or double weaves with name
Name Description Size
 MUENAME-MASTER_de_10_15.pdf DE 168.29 KB
 MUENAME_MASTER_en_10_15.pdf EN 166.81 KB
 MUENAME-MASTER_es_10_15.pdf ES 167.92 KB
 MUENAME-MASTER_tr_10_15.pdf TR 219.18 KB
 MUENAME_MASTER_cn_10_15.pdf CN 229.01 KB

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