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 MÜNUMBER-MASTER – Additional software for MÜCAD

For producing individually woven, unmistakable and forgery-proof labels with consecutive or free numbering.

Standard package

  • Order security: guarantee of singular production by means of coded chip card
  • Unlimited and licence-free sequential numbering
  • Licence for 1 million safe, copy-protected labels with individual identification
  • Hardware extension for Müller weaving loom and PC card reader

Extension package

  • Licence cards for copy-protected labels

Complementary Software

  • MÜCAD DIGICOLOR: Conversion of high-resolution images for the digital weaving process and the programming of electronically controlled Jacquard machines.
  • MÜBARCODE: Programming of labels that are difficult to copy or forgery-proof labels with indiviual identification.

With the Müller MÜNUMBER-MASTER system the individual data are already assembled in a virtuallabel at design level.


  • Software developed by label specialists and weaving machines all from one maker (continuous process sequence).
  • User-friendly processing from pattern image to weaving pattern, taking into account all boundary conditions for first-class labels.
  • Reliable and up-to-date user-oriented operating surface


  • Serial labels
  • Numbering in ascending or descending se-quence (license-free).
  • Forgery-proof labelsThe number of product falsifications is growing every year and the image loss by branded articles is great. An forgery-proof label for apparel, underwear or technical textiles offers a simple and inexpensive way of attaching visible machine-readable coded data to the end product.
  • Images with MÜNUMBER-MASTER Picture


  • Product certification
  • Sales promotions based on limited series
  • Advertising campaigns with prizes awarded
  • Individual identification as fashion trend
  • Forgery-proof labels
  • Quality control
  • License billing
  • Product retracing/production flow
  • Quantity control
  • Rejects control
  • Returned goods control
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