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Confection of Technical Textiles

Bandage confection and winding

For elastic and non-elastic bandages.


The installation is used for the spray coating of elastic bandages and consists of the following machines:

  • Shrinking and finishing machine, type TAD 252
  • Spray coating and drying machine, type BSA
  • Tube winding machine, type 7.51

7.51 / 7.54

On the tube winding machine elastic bandages and cohesive bandages can be produced. The main functions of the machine are measuring, winding and cutting of the bandages.

Name Description Size
 TAD252_TAD402_de_09_07.pdf DE 134.17 KB
 TAD252_TAD402_en_09_07.pdf EN 132.19 KB
 TAD252_TAD402_zh_09_07.pdf CN 181.68 KB
DOWNLOADS 7.51 / 7.54
Name Description Size
 7.51_de_09_07.pdf DE 157.03 KB
 7.51_en_09_07.pdf EN 157.80 KB
 7.51_zh_09_07.pdf CN 305.08 KB

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