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Confection of Technical Textiles

Confection of lifting and tie-down belts

For moderately heavy to heavy weight belts.


UV60 / UV60-U

Cutting and processing in one step. Marking, punching, error cut, destacking.

he universal machines of the UV60 series are designed for the make-up of medium-weight and heavy belts and tubular goods.

A wide range of special equipment is available making numerous applications possible. The user can simply and quickly programme the working phases using the appropriate tools.


Cutting and winding up to Ø 300 mm [option: Ø 600 mm].
Coreless winding from belt start or belt middle. Metal clip for fixing, marking, etc.

The UV60-W is especially suitable for the make-up of medium-weight and heavy, non-elastic belts. The rolls are coreless wound from the start of the belt. Rolling from the middle is also possible, thus leaving both belt ends free for further processing. The machine is designed for both short and large rolls. The end of the belt can be fixed with a metal clip. This universal machine is also suitable for the cutting to length of the belts without rolling.

UV60-WG / UV60-WS

Coreless winding from tape start to Ø 200 mm [option: Ø 400 mm].
Metal clip for fixing, alternate “in line” arrangement.
Reliable tape feed with rapier arm, marking, etc.

NA250 / NA200

NA250: 2 change carriages, each with up to 4 belts.
NA200: changing sewn piece mounting plates [templates].

The NA200 and NA250 automatic sewing machines are designed specifically for the sewing of medium-weight and heavy belts and tubular goods. The machines offer versatility of application in the areas of transport and freight security, personal safety, sport and leisure.

Name Description Size
 UV60_de_61046_05_07.pdf DE 231.91 KB
 UV60_en_61046_05_07.pdf EN 231.71 KB
 UV60_es_61046_05_07.pdf ES 232.62 KB
 UV60_tr_61046_05_07.pdf TR 270.88 KB
 UV60_zh_61046_05_07.pdf CN 397.92 KB
Name Description Size
 UV60_W_de_61045_04_05.pdf DE 184.64 KB
 UV60_W_en_61045_04_05.pdf EN 184.04 KB
 UV60_W_es_61045_04_05.pdf ES 184.80 KB
 UV60_W_tr_61045_04_05.pdf TR 220.84 KB
 UV60_W_zh_61045_04_05.pdf CN 240.50 KB
Name Description Size
 UV60_WG_de_61032_05_07.pdf DE 142.87 KB
 UV60_WG_en_61032_05_07.pdf EN 143.72 KB
 UV60_WG_es_61032_05_07.pdf ES 146.52 KB
 UV60_WG_tr_61032_05_07.pdf TR 183.97 KB
 UV60_WG_zh_61032_05_07.pdf CN 196.47 KB
Name Description Size
 NA200_250_de.pdf DE 185.55 KB
 NA200_250_en.pdf EN 187.78 KB
 NA200_250_es.pdf ES 185.15 KB
 NA200_250_tr.pdf TR 224.98 KB

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