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Confection of Technical Textiles

Confection of tapes and belts

For sports, animal husbandry and safety equipment applications.

UV20 / UV30

Program controlled tape feeding unit with length pre-selection.
Cold/hot cut, punching, plates for tapes up to 80 mm.

The universal UV30 is designed for the make-up of light and medium-weight belts and tubular goods. This stable, compact device rounds off the range of cutting-to-length machines for the price-sensitive area.
The UV30 is employed mainly in make-up companies for the sports, animal husbandry and safety equipment sectors.

UV60-R / UV60-RS

For the winding with and without cores on rolls, spools and flanged spools of non-elastic and slightly elastic tapes up to medium-weight belts.

The UV60-R and UV60-RS are microprocessor controlled, fully automatic roll and spool winders, which have been designed to handle a range of items extending from non-elastic and slightly elastic tapes to medium weight belts (up to 2mm thick). The innovative concept is evidenced by its enormous flexibility, fast resetting capacity and adaptability to virtually any customer requirement.

Name Description Size
 UV30_de.pdf DE 171.88 KB
 UV30_en.pdf EN 171.35 KB
 UV30_es.pdf ES 171.13 KB
 UV30_tr.pdf TR 210.39 KB
 UV30_zh.pdf CN 241.62 KB
Name Description Size
 UV60-R_RS_61160_03_17_de.pdf DE 332.48 KB
 UV60-R_RS_61160_03_17_en.pdf EN 322.81 KB
 UV60-R_RS_61160_03_17_es.pdf ES 320.05 KB
 UV60-R_RS_61160_03_17_tr.pdf TR 467.15 KB
 UV60-R_RS_61160_03_17_cn_.pdf CN 732.45 KB

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