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Confection of Technical Textiles

Further confection, printing and winding machines

For tapes, printed labels, belts, cords and ropes.


One-sided, flexographic printing [option: ink jet].

The MM75 is used for the top quality printing of narrow fabrics and belts at uniform speed. The high-definition, flexographic printing on one side is also suitable for coarse structured fabrics.
The range of applications extends from medium and heavy belts, to lifting and lashing straps. The rotating, suspended quality printing device guarantees especially even colour application. Printing takes place using the weight of the printing roller. The printing device can be fixed in the upper position for cleaning.
Numerous typefaces and sizes are available, the quick change system permits the simple switching of individual letters and image.


Application of label foils, e.g. product marking, warning references etc.

These transfer presses are designed for the singlesided application of film labels as product marking, warnings and similar items. Applications range from light belts to car safety belts and heavy lifting andlashing straps. Both devices can be operated independently in a production line e.g. with an automatic cutting-to-length machine.


Coreless winding up to Ø 800 mm, belt width up to 250 mm.
Strapping unit, palletising unit.

The SWT 800 is designed for the coreless winding of medium and heavy belts into large rolls. The belts are rolled horizontally on a flat winding plate. Fully automatic belt intake takes place via a linear axis and a gripper system. Belt feeding for each new roll and removal for subsequent processing when finished, occur in a single, time-saving operational phase. Manual handling of the heavy rolls is not required. As an option, the system can be supplemented with a fully automatic hooping and palletising device.


Rope/braided cord with or without forming of the rope end.
Hot knife [option: form baking, cold or heated].

This automatic machine is especially designed for the cutting to length of ropes and laced cords. Processing takes place fully automatically using a gripper system and storage table. Various types of cutting are possible such as cold and hot cutting, hot cutting with subsequent moulding (cold) and hot cutting and bonding of a conical rope end (hot). A selection of options is also available for storage design.

Name Description Size
 MM75_61056_de_05_07.pdf DE 248.96 KB
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 MM75_61056_es_05_07.pdf ES 247.16 KB
 MM75_61056_tr_05_07.pdf TR 287.09 KB
Name Description Size
 LP300_de_08_05.pdf DE 288.33 KB
 LP300_en_08_05.pdf EN 284.54 KB
 LP300_es_08_05.pdf ES 286.90 KB
 LP300_tr_08_05.pdf TR 325.09 KB
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 SWT800_de_05_07.pdf DE 204.80 KB
 SWT800_en_05_07.pdf EN 204.45 KB
 SWT800_es_05_07.pdf ES 205.32 KB
 SWT800_tr_05_07.pdf TR 242.56 KB
 SWT800_zh_05_07.pdf CN 245.32 KB
Name Description Size
 RC4000_de.pdf DE 191.84 KB
 RC4000_en.pdf EN 194.49 KB
 RC4000_es.pdf ES 192.22 KB
 RC4000_tr.pdf TR 232.42 KB

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