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Label Production Systems
LCFR2 – Label cutting and folding machine

For the fully automatic cutting and folding of labels with slit or woven edges starting from rolls [centre folding, end folding or Manhattan folding].

Folding typesEnd, Manhattan, centre, booklet
 Short and long labels
 Cut without folding

Important Features:

  • Electronic control and storage of label-specific parameter settings
  • Cut mark recognition by optical sensor
  • Automatic conversion for changes of label or folding style
  • Fold/Thermofixing by means of folding elements, which are arranged on a rotary wheel
  • Stacking into magazine [option: with automatic change]
  • 100 – 250 labels per minute [dependent on article]

Perfectly cut, folded and stacked labels


  • High production rate
  • Precise folding under unvarying pressure
  • Little supervision required
  • Centre, end, booklet and Manhattan folding possible, also cutting without folding
  • Cutting of long labels without stacking
  • Rapid setting-up in a few minutes, assisted by teach-in procedure
  • No mechanical adjustments required, even when changing the type of folding
  • Article-specific data sets can be stored and loaded
  • Automatic magazine change after reaching the preset number in the chute
  • No compressed air required
  • Constant cutting conditions, independent of speed
  • Lateral twisting of the ribbons can be corrected by rotating the feed table
  • Automatic length control with defect label rejection
  • Automatic label centring in relation to the clamps
  • Operating mode for the array of several part stacks per magazine each separated by a marking label


  • Disentangler for taking the label strips from a container
  • Additional cut mark sensors for ribbons with very fine and light contrasts
  • Additional cold cutting device
  • Additional ultrasonic cutting device
  • Magazine-side ribbon feed
  • Automatic change magazine
  • Automatic bag packing
  • Destacking in boxes
  • Electrical data other than standard
Name Description Size
 LCFR2_de_61078_08_15.pdf DE 454.67 KB
 LCFR2_en_61078_08_15.pdf EN 446.38 KB
 LCFR2_es_61078_08_15.pdf ES 452.63 KB
 LCFR2_tr_61078_08_15.pdf TR 503.88 KB
 LCFR2_cn_61078_08_15.pdf CN 492.09 KB

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