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Label Production Systems

For labels and pictures with slit selvedges.

MÜGRIP® MBJ8 1/1380
Reed width (max.) [mm]1380
Working width (max.) [mm]1346
Shedding motionSPE3 series up to 3072 control functions
Weave typesTaffetSemi-SatinSatin
Label / tape width6-4006-1256-200
Number of labels / tapes3-18010-1806-180
Weft insertionRapier system
Number of weft colours4-12 with individual adjustable speed, remapping and alternate function
Pattern programmingMÜCAD pattern and programming system

Best RAPIER weaving machine for the production of labels with the softest cut edge in the world.


  • The world's best label weaving machine for the production of woven labels, pictures and technical narrow fabrics

  • For outstanding fabric quality with high productivity, high efficiency and low energy consumption

  • Simple, intuitive machine operation for the highest flexibility requirements, short changeover times and best accessibility for weaving personnel

  • Network interface for the protection of intellectual property (patterns) and implementation of the 4.0 industry strategy


  • A single machine controller for monitoring and regulating the entire weaving machine process
  • Intelligent machine lighting facilitates fast repair of warp and weft breaks, fine adjustment of cutting elements and control of the woven fabric quality
  • Improved operational reliability and lower maintenance and spare parts requirements
  • Outstanding, low-wear weft insertion system for processing a wide range of yarns
  • Storage of machine parameters with the pattern file
  • In-house development and production and therefore many parts of the previous models MBJ6, MBJ6.1 can also be used with the MBJ8


  • Optimised harness models for on-loom, off-loom cutting
  • MDW® device for the production of labels with VELVEDGE® - the softest edge in the world
  • MÜCAD for programming patterns, pictures, narrow fabrics and VELVEDGE®
  • mymuenet® for digitising the weaving room with direct access to the machine control system to optimise production efficiency
  • mymueller® - your online service portal
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