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Label Production Systems

For labels and trimmings with woven, soft edges.

Number of spaces6 – 14
Max. reed width [mm]66 – 24
Max. no. of weft colours8
Shedding motionElectronically controlled Jacquard machine of the SPE-series
Programming systemsMÜCAD, MÜCAD DIGICOLOR,
[MÜNUMBER-MASTER with 1536 hooks]
ControlMÜCAN C300

Jacquard machines for multicolored labels with woven selvedges.


The use of high-value materials and the simplicity of the machine’s basic movements guarantee a high level of long-term reliability, requiring relatively little maintenance of the installation. Technologically high-calibre components are produced entirely within the Müller Group, with the utmost care and a first-class level of know-how. Our goal is to offer a product of the highest possible quality.



  • Patented multicolor weft insertion system (8 colours maximum)
  • VARISPEED programmable machine speed
  • VARIPICK electronically controlled weft density adjustment
  • DIGICAST electronic warp let-off and warp tension control
  • Slow motion with separate motor as standard
  • Selvedge threads and reps on separate warp bobbins
  • Warp density can be increased by adding monofil threads, making interlacing points invisible and producing a homogenous sparkling effect
  • Weft transport with self-adjustment and tension compensation to guarantee even fabric width. Optionally the weft transport can be regulated electronically
  • Jacquard machine of the SPE series, controlled by microprocessor


CAD systems from Jakob Müller AG facilitate thequick and efficient programming of all types oflabels


  • The basic MÜCAD software can be employed for up to 6144 Jacquard functions. MÜCAD Mini is suitable for up to 896 control channels.
  • MÜCAD DIGICOLOR is available for realistic, high definition images.
  • Individual labels with consecutive or coded numbers, as well as with visible bar codes, are produced by the MÜNUMBER-MASTER.
  • Production of labels with QR-code and bar codes possible with additional software MÜBARCODE
  • Software MÜNAME-MASTER for the production of customised small batches of name tags
Name Description Size
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