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Warping Systems

Roll-off creel for MW700 and MW1000

For the warping of high-stretch elastic yarns [Latex, synthetic elastomers, single- or double-covered rubber].

Inside spool diameterStandard 47/73 mm, special versions on request
Outside spool diameter 180 mm or 250 mm
Spool length 155 mm or 228 mm
Creel design 2 module sizes, double- or one-sided modules
Space requirement dependent on number of spools, spool length and module type


Important features
Cone creel for roll-off of spools with elastic yarns
Loading from outside, thread path in creel centre
Each creel side is synchronised with the warping speed between the
pre-tension and the warping machine by means of one servomotor for
each creel side
Electrical thread breakage monitoring at creel exit point