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Narrow Fabric Weaving Systems


The basis of the machine is a compact, heavy cast structure for smooth, low-vibration running. The three-phase brake motor ensures rapid starting and stopping of the machine. The optimum weavingspeed can be set by the infinitely-variably controllable variator.

The ball-bearing supported rocking drive for the weft insertion system as well as the selectable latch needle stroke guarantee a weft insertion free of thread wear and a safe crocheting process.

NC-G / NC2-GG for moderately heavy tapes and belts.
NC2-S / NC2-SSfor velvet and pile fabrics.                                                                                                                                
NC2JMfor belts with Jacquard design.

NC-G / NC2-GG /
NC2-S / NC2-SS

Number of spaces22
Max. reed width  [mm]130124
Shedding motion 
NC-G and NC2-GGup to 16 harness frames  with cam discs or pattern chain
NC2-S and NC2-SSup to 12 harness frames with cam discs
NC2JM                           up to 192 figure threads and 12 harness frames with cam discs or pattern chain

This machine features simple operation, high operating safety and minimum maintenance.

Name Description Size
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