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Narrow Fabric Weaving Systems

For wide fabrics and towels up to approx. 340 mm width.


he basis of the machine is a compact, heavy caststructure for smooth, low-vibration running. The three-phase brake motor ensures rapid starting and stopping of the machine. The optimum weaving speed can be set by the infinitely-variably controllable variator.

The ball-bearing supported rocking drive for the weftinsertion system as well as the selectable latch needle stroke guarantee a weft insertion free of thread wear and a safe crocheting process.

Number of spaces11
Max. reed width  [mm]280365
Shedding motion12 harness frames
Repeatcam discs 1:8
 pattern chain 1:8, 16 – 48
Option4-weft colour control [SNO4B]

This machine features simple operation, high operating safety and minimum maintenance.

Name Description Size
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