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Narrow Fabric Weaving Systems

For adhering fabrics [hook/loop narrow fabrics].


Today the hook and loop fastener is an integral part of virtually all conceivable fields and is still characterized by continuing constant growth. Such fasteners are required wherever parts have to be quickly joined together and then released again at any time without damage, such as for example for outer garments and underclothes, sportswear and household furnishings as well as in the medical, transport and vehicle industries. Hook and loop fasteners consist of two different tapes – hook and pile loop tapes, which in combination achieve an incredible adhesive effect.

Base models VL or AL6/424/662/1302/1502/210
Number of spaces64222
Max. reed width [mm]3462135150210
Max. tape width [mm]3055127147190
Shedding motionmax. 16 harness frames
Repeatcams 1:8
 pattern chain 1:8, 16 – 48

The manufacturing technology for hook and loop fasteners is a development by Jakob Müller AG making use of needle weaving technology.

Name Description Size
 NF53VL_AL_de_60959_07_15.pdf DE 259.76 KB
 NF53VL_AL_en_60959_07_15_.pdf EN 255.75 KB
 NF53VL_AL_es_60959_07_15.pdf ES 261.44 KB
 NF53VL_AL_fr_60959_07_15.pdf FR 257.73 KB
 NF53VL_AL_tr_60959_07_15.pdf TR 269.10 KB
 NF53VL_AL_ch_60959_07_15.pdf CN 270.03 KB

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