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Narrow Fabric Weaving Systems


For elastic and non-elastic narrow fabrics with low warp density with two weaving points per space.

General characteristics

Simultaneous weft feeding on two levels above one another results in a doubling of the number of weaving points in the basic machine. Consequently, machine production of simple, light narrow fabrics can be practically doubled. Two weft guides and two weft and knitting needlesare installed per space for the simultaneous feeding of two wefts. Each of the healds is fitted with 2 thread eyelets, in order to form two weaving sheds one above the other. The reeds are correspondingly higher.

All the technical information, characteristics and advantages of this machine are contained in the leaflet “NF Narrow fabric loom”.

Number of spaces 2x2 – 10
Max. reed width [mm]165
Shedding motionmax. number of harness frames
with 2-level weaving [2x]12
with 1-level weaving16
Repeatcams 1:8
 pattern chain 1:8, 16 – 48

The basic machine corresponds with the standard model.

Name Description Size
 NF..._2x_de_60981_07_15.pdf DE 273.42 KB
 NF..._2x_en_60981_07_15.pdf EN 268.03 KB
 NF..._2x_es_60981_07_15.pdf ES 271.58 KB
 NF..._2x_tr_60981_07_15.pdf TR 322.67 KB
 NF..._2x_cn_60981_07_15.pdf CN 318.27 KB

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