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Narrow Fabric Weaving Systems

For non-elastic velvet narrow fabrics with double- and single-sided pile.

Number of spaces44
Number of tapes with double-sided pile44
                           with single-sided pile88
Max. reed width [mm]3348
Max. tape width [mm]2538
Max. pile height4 x 1,5 mm
Pile thread feed and compensationpositive
Shedding motion16 harness frames
Repeatpattern chain 1:8

The design of the NF53...s for velvet ribbons with single-sided pile, which proved its excellence in the market over many years, provided the platform for the development of the NF53...ds.


  • The simultaneous production of one ribbon with pile on both sides and two ribbons with pile on one side per space without any sacrifices relating to the appearance of the goods
  • Constant ribbon quality due to the continual regrinding of the cutting blade during the production process
  • Proven, very high levels of operational reliability
  • Minimum standstills and rejects
  • High machine speeds
Name Description Size
 NF53ds_61097_de_07_15.pdf DE 272.70 KB
 NF53ds_61097_en_07_15_.pdf EN 232.28 KB
 NF53ds_61097_es_07_15.pdf ES 231.80 KB
 NF53ds_61097_tr_07_15.pdf TR 282.83 KB
 NF53ds_61097_zh_07_15.pdf CN 282.09 KB

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