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Narrow Fabric Weaving Systems

For elastic and non-elastic velvet narrow fabrics.


With the type NF53...s, Müller can offer a machineon which elastic and non-elastic velvet ribbons ofhigh quality can be manufactured economically.

Economical because:

  • the weft needle and reed movements can be adjusted to match the reed width
  • the cost/benefit ratio is right from the very start
  • the cutting blade is sharpened automatically, providing perfect cutting quality
  • the machine is easy to operate
Number of spaces68642
Number of tapes12161284
Max. reed width [mm]18153520 | 33 | 45 | 62130
Max. tape width [mm] |15133218 | 30 | 42 | 59122
Pile height standard2 x 2,0 mm
Pile thread feed and compensationpositive
Shedding motion12 – 18 harness frames
Repeatcams 1:8
 pattern chain 1:8, 16 – 48


Important features:

  • Various models available for picot on both sides
Name Description Size
 NF53s_60923_de_07_15.pdf DE 302.48 KB
 NF53s_60923_en_07_15.pdf EN 300.89 KB
 NF53s_60923_es_07_15.pdf ES 301.44 KB
 NF53s_60923_fr_07_15.pdf FR 301.79 KB
 NF53s_60923_it_07_15.pdf IT 256.42 KB
 NF53s_60923_tr_07_15.pdf TR 312.33 KB
 NF53s_60923_zh_07_15.pdf CN 329.13 KB

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