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Narrow Fabric Weaving Systems

For warp effect Jacquard ribbons, trimmings, belts, decorative articles, etc.

Basic models5380
Number of spaces2 – 868
Max. reed width mm27 – 130*6642
Max. fabric width mm25 – 1256340
Shedding motionelectronically controlled Jacquard machine:
SPE3 for max. 768 figure threads
 max. 12 harness frames for ground weave
Repeatpattern chain 1:8, 16 – 32
Programming systemsMÜDATA®4, MÜLOAD, MÜCAD, MÜCAD MINI,
 *Reed width 170 and 210 only on request

The NFJK with Jacquard machine type SPE3 768 is controlled by microprocessor.


  • Open shed/inclined shed principle
  • Reading-in in bottom shed
  • Simple, solid construction with dynamically-balanced knife drive for the highest number of revolutions
  • Low-vibration running due to low mass movements and counterbalanced driving elements
  • Reduction in the number of moving parts to an absolute minimum
  • Largely wear-free due to the accurately- designed bearings and first-class surface treatment
  • Otimised handling through simplified setting-up and good accessibility
  • Number of hooks: 224 – 768
  • The complete configuration corresponds with CE regulations


  • CAL - Scallop device
  • Z3-5 - Double pick insertion for elastic articles withstanding rubber
  • H-M-T - Z shed
Name Description Size
 NFJK2_de_61101_07_16.pdf DE 216.59 KB
 NFJK2_en_61101_07_16.pdf EN 217.64 KB
 NFJK2_es_61101_07_16.pdf ES 220.23 KB
 NFJK2_fr_61101_07_16.pdf FR 218.74 KB
 NFJK2_it_61101_07_16.pdf IT 218.10 KB
 NFJK2_tr_61101_07_16.pdf TR 270.11 KB
 NFJK2_zh_61101_07_16.pdf CN 300.08 KB

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