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Narrow Fabric Weaving Systems
NF...Y2 ED

For tapes and belts with variable widths: narrow – broad – narrow.

Number of spaces422
Max. reed width [mm]30 | 1651 | 2765 | 41
Max. width reduction per tape side [mm] 


Weaving systemsI or II
Shedding motionMÜTRONIC®, max. 19 harness frames
MÜCAN control, 6 harness frames for ground weave via cam disc, max. 25 harness frames
Repeatpractically unlimited with dobby MÜTRONIC®
cam discs 1:8
Programming systems    MÜDATA®C-Series, MÜLOAD, MÜCAD, MÜCAD MINI, MÜCAD MICRO
*   model 2/84 only on request

By virtue of the special Y-shaped reed and the precise electronical control of the reed position it is possible to produce economically special articles.


  • Unvarying, exact woven and crochet selvedges also on narrowed parts due to specially designed weaving system and optimal friction weft transport
  • Large width differences possible (up to 24 mm on types 2/66 and 2/84*, up to 14 mm on 4/42)
  • Unvarying fabric widths outside the narrowed part
  • Minimum thickening in narrow fabric part thanks to electronically controllable weft density
  • Electronic wrap brake for weft thread
Name Description Size
 NF...Y2_de_04_16.pdf DE 275.48 KB
 NF...Y2_en_04_16.pdf EN 274.99 KB
 NF...Y2_es_04_16.pdf ES 277.08 KB
 NF...Y2_tr_04_16.pdf TR 326.33 KB
 NF...Y2_cn_04_16.pdf CN 325.28 KB

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