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Narrow Fabric Weaving Systems

For elastic and non-elastic, light to medium-weight tapes with endless repeat lengths.

Number of spaces2 – 8
Max. reed width [mm]66
Shedding motionNFRE...ED
        MÜTRONIC®, max. 20 harness frames,
MÜCAN control, 6 harness frames
for ground weave via cam discs, max. 26 harness frames possible
Repeatpractically unlimited with dobby MÜTRONIC®
cam discs 1:8

The tension control of all or as many threads as possible is an enormously important factor in tape weaving.


  • Machine drive with an efficiency class 1 motor and frequency inverter
  • Simple weaving speed regulation
  • Adjustment of the weaving speed to the pattern or the yarn to be used without time losses
  • Electronically controlled stepper motor for the regulator
  • Weft densities of 8-120 wefts per cm (resp. 4-80 wefts/cm)
  • Any weft density variations within a pattern provide articles with combined weft densities
  • Greater efficiency and time savings as the change of gear on the take-off for weft density changes is no longer required
  • Electronically controlled stepper motor drive for the weft, binder and locking thread transports
  • Reproducible settings of the thread feed simultaneously on all thread let-offs without machine stops
  • Production of two differing tape widths possible using two weft thread drives
  • Slight width variations and corrections possible
  • Picot effects possible on the weft insert side


  • Elastic and non-elastic tapes with warp and picot effects.
  • Patterning is achieved with up to 20 electronically controlled healdframes.
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