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Narrow Fabric Weaving Systems

For moderately heavy belts and tapes. High Speed Needle Weaving Loom for high speeds up to 2750 rpm.

Model NG3 28G
Number of spaces2
Max. reed width [mm]56
Shedding motionmax. 16 harness frames
Repeatcams 1:8
 pattern chain 1:8, 24 – 48


  • silent running for noise emission reduction (NG3S 28G)
  • weaving shafts: Execution NGV3 instead of NG 
    resulting in increased durability of healds and weaving shafts

The NG3 range of Müller narrow-fabric looms constitutes a quantum leap in engineering and technological development.


  • High production with speeds up to 2,750 min-1
  • Speed may be altered while the machine is running
  • High and repeatable tape and belt qualities
  • Clear and straightforward operation and supervision
  • Superstructure-less design affords good accessibility
  • Low wear – minimum expenditures for maintenance
  • Low noise level operation – "Silent" version available on request
  • High levels of safety for man and machine


  • Weft thread compensation with leg springs instead of pneumatics
  • Monofilament weft transport for coarser weft yarns in place of standard weft transport (MÜTRANS3)
  • Weft transport with steel variator discs in place of plastic variator discs for increased durability at higher speeds
  • Weaving shafts: Execution NGV3 in place of NG resulting in increased durability of healds and weaving shafts
  • Fabric transport for laying tapes into boxes
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