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Narrow Fabric Weaving Systems
NH2 53

For light to medium-weight elastic and non-elastic narrow fabrics with unlimited repeat lengths.

ModelNH2 2/130*NH2 53 4/66*NH2 53 6/42*NH2 53 8/27*NH2 53 10/18
Number of weaving heads246810
Max. reed width  [mm]13066422718
Max. fabric width  [mm]12262402516
Max. number of shafts16
Repeat lengthunlimited
Max. power consumption< 2kW1 kW
* The indications refer to the normal-shed-execution. For these types also a HMT-shed-execution is available [ high-middle-low] for operation with double weft needel [Z4 and Z5]. In this case the maximum reed width is reduced.

As a result of a new type of drive system, the machine has a very low energy consumption.


  • Compact design
  • Very high levels of user-friendliness
  • Low energy consumption (less than 1 kW)
  • Unlimited repeat lengths due to electronic frame control
  • Very quick changes of pattern possible, no requirement for the preparation and use of pattern chains or pattern drums with cam discs
  • Positive-controlled electronic thread transport with infinitely adjustable setting
  • Electronically controlled fabric take-off
  • Electronically controlled main drive for infinitely adjustable weaving speeds
  • Electronically controlled creep speed
  • Precision fabric take-off with non-slip draught and pressure roller coverings for weave protection
  • Minimal maintenance requirement
  • Low spare part requirement due to limited number of mechanical components
  • Minimal lubrication oil consumption
  • Optional execution for 1 needle or 2 needle Z-system for H-M-T


  • NH2 53 4/42 SNO2B
  • NH2 53 4/42 SNO4B
  • NH2 53 4/66 SNO2B
  • NH2 53 4/66 SNO4B
  • NH2 53 6/27 SNO2B
Name Description Size
 NH2_53_61140_de_10_15.pdf DE 942.26 KB
 NH2_53_61140_en_10_15.pdf EN 1.11 MB
 NH2_53_61140_es_10_15.pdf ES 1.12 MB
 NH2_53_61140_it_10_15.pdf IT 948.13 KB
 NH2_53_61140_tr_10_15.pdf TR 1.15 MB
 NH2_53_61140_cn_10_15.pdf CN 1.09 MB

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