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Narrow Fabric Weaving systemS

For simple elastic and non-elastic narrow fabrics and light weight belts.

Basic modelV5Ni
Number of spaces2246
Max. reed width [mm]651105030
Max. fabric width [mm]60 | 581054727
Shedding motion1210+412+412+4
Repeatpattern chain 16 – 48
Further models and special executions available

Sturdy model series for light elastic and non-elastic tapes and belts.


  • Low-maintenance machine thanks to its sturdy construction and minimal electronic fittings
  • Simple to operate and easy to access
  • A machine concept that has proven itself over many years and in all world markets
  • Professional after-sales service


  • Extension to 14 or 16 harness frames respectively
  • Positive rubber feed, single
  • Grooved rolls for covered rubber
  • Weft retaining hooks
  • Overhead rear fabric conveyor
  • Ribbon winding devices
  • Warp rack, 2 compartments for 2 x 4 beams, Ø max. 400 mm, length max. 300 mm
  • For weaving from cones: cone creel / warp tension frame
  • Front reeds
  • Back reeds
  • Tools
  • Supplementary pattern chain links, healds, droppers and latch needles
  • Cord take-off (50mm, 30mm)


  • Elastic and non-elastic tapes (underwear, zip fasteners etc.)
  • Decorative ribbons/tapes
  • Bordering tapes for clothing
  • Satin tapes
  • Tapes for printed labels
  • Light and medium-weight tapes and light belts for sport and recreational articles
  • Bandaging material (for medical purposes)
Name Description Size
 Varitex5Ni_de_61017_09_15.pdf DE 294.09 KB
 Varitex5Ni_en_61017_09_15.pdf EN 294.89 KB
 Varitex5Ni_fr_61017_09_15.pdf FR 296.08 KB
 Varitex5Ni_it_61017_09_15.pdf IT 295.05 KB
 Varitex5Ni_es_61017_09_15.pdf ES 285.29 KB
 Varitex5Ni_tr_60017_09_15.pdf TR 483.03 KB
 Varitex5Ni_cn_61017_09_15_.pdf CN 342.04 KB
Basic modelV5M / V5L
Number of spaces2446812
Max. reed width [mm]1756565503018
Max. fabric width [mm]1706260 | 58472716
Shedding motion812+41212+412+412+4
Repeatpattern chain 16 – 48
Further models and special executions available
Name Description Size
 varitex5M_61079_de_09_15_.pdf DE 213.12 KB
 varitex5M_61079_en_09_15_.pdf EN 212.86 KB
 varitex5M_61079_es_09_15_.pdf ES 212.14 KB
 varitex5M_61079_tr_09_15_.pdf TR 263.45 KB
 varitex5M_61079_cn_09_15_.pdf CN 262.52 KB
Name Description Size
 V5L_61159_de_09_15_.pdf DE 212.15 KB
 V5L_61159_en_09_15.pdf EN 211.01 KB
 V5L_61159_es_09_15.pdf ES 211.58 KB
 V5L_61159_tr_09_15.pdf TR 276.58 KB
 V5L_61159_cn_09_15.pdf CN 260.23 KB

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