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Rope Weaving Systems
NH2M 53

For MultiSphere rope weaves.

Machine typeNH2M 53 4/D8NH2M 53 8/D4
Number of spaces48
rope diameter4 – 8 mm 1 – 4 mm 
weaving systemsI, III, II
shed driveElectronical shaft motionElectronical shaft motion
number of sheds1616
number of weft threads per cm5 – 605 – 60
Max. energy recuperation1 kW1 kW

However, using the new NH2M 53 narrow fabric needle looms, ropes and twine, etc. can be woven either with, or without, cores.


  • Based on proven narrow fabric needle loom technology
  • Machine robustness and reliability
  • High production speeds
  • Rope diameters of 1 – 8 mm
  • Straightforward machine operation
  • Pattern control via pattern chain with cam disc plates for simple structures
  • Warp thread take-off from bobbin creels or warp beams
  • Special solutions for product laying and winding


  • High productivity and low production costs
  • Considerably longer, knot-free, woven items due to the extended yarn lengths available on bobbins/warp beams as compared to those from braiding bobbins
  • Warp beams with over 5,000 m of yarn and in addition, the possibility of using a creel with reserve bobbins
  • Longer running times without bobbin changes as compared to braiding; so-called "ghost shifts” are possible
  • Excellent mechanical characteristics as compared to braided structures
  • Strength at 1 and 2 mm diameters meets the requirements of the DIN standard
  • Comparable strength at diameters of between 3 and 4 mm
  • Far higher strength at a thickness of 5 mm and above
  • Stress-strain curve comparable with that of braided ropes
  • Differing patterns provide diverse surface structures and rope characteristics
Name Description Size
 NC2M_NH2M_61146_de_07_15.pdf DE 412.15 KB
 NC2M_NH2M_61146_en_07_15_.pdf EN 432.48 KB
 NC2M_NH2M_61146_es_07_15.pdf ES 431.51 KB
 NC2M_NH2M_61146_tr_07_15.pdf TR 504.13 KB
 NC2M_NH2M_61146_cn_07_15.pdf CN 463.16 KB

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