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Systems for Dyeing / Finishing / COating


MFR H SE – Continuous, single dye range for seat belt webbing

For the dyeing and finishing of polyester seat belt webbing in compliance with all international automotive standards. The standard webbing content in all the heated chambers is 150 metres to allow a production speed of 50m/min based upon dwell times of 3 minutes.

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MFR H – Continuous, single and multi end dyeing and pigmenting ranges for medium to heavy webbings

Pad/thermosol and pad/steam ranges for polyester and cotton or polyamide fibres. Both facilities can be incorporated into a single range to give a fully versatile machine, especially when incorporating pigment dyeing and heat setting facilities for all thermoplastic fibres.

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MFR... – Compact continuous dyeing and finishing machine

For medium size production quantities.
For light to moderately heavy, elastic and non-elastic ribbons.

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MFR...A – Compact continuous fixation and finishing machine

For elastic and non elastic ribbons.
For light to medium-heavy ribbons.

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MFR 22-H – Hot melt coating machine

For coating [hot melt adhesives of various types] elastic and non-elastic ribbons, hook and loop fasteners, woven labels, medical ribbons, technical ribbons.

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MFR 22-S – Silicone coating machine

For underwear tapes, elastic and non-elastic medical tapes, label tapes, technical tapes.

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MFR 48-C – 2-Roller smoothing calender

For the calendering, smoothing and lustering of satin ribbons for printed labels, satin ribbons, woven labels, technical tapes.

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