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MFR 22-H – Hot melt coating machine

For coating [hot melt adhesives of various types] elastic and non-elastic ribbons, hook and loop fasteners, woven labels, medical ribbons, technical ribbons.

Roller width [mm]300
Capacity of the hotmelt tank [ l ]30
Coating temperature up to [°C]210
Max. adjustable speed [m/min]30

Important features:

  • Electronic regulation of the coating quantity depending on the speed


  • Melting of the hotmelt glue inside of a heated tank
  • Transportation of the melted hotmelt through heated tubes to the coating head by a toothed wheel pump
  • Heated coating head with coating nozzles
  • Coating nozzles in different widths and shapes
  • Coating with a constantly adjustable ribbontension
  • Pneumatic control of the coating nozzles
  • Depending on the kind of glue, one can work with or without silicone paper cover
  • Ribbon winding up with constant tension


  • Elastic and non-elastic ribbons
  • Hook and loop fasteners
  • Woven labels
  • Medical ribbons
  • Technical ribbons
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