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MFR 22-S – Silicone coating machine

For underwear tapes, elastic and non-elastic medical tapes, label tapes, technical tapes.

Max. tape width [mm]100                                                             
Max. coating width [mm]70
Max. adjustable speed [m/min]20

Important features:

  • Stripe and linear coating
  • Wavy and net-like coating
  • Flexible creation of samples using a screen and nozzle system


  • Dot coating
  • Coating width 150 mm


  • Tape swift for removing knots at the feed side
  • Constant tape tension during the coating process by dancer-controlled tape supply and drawing-in table with tape guidance on both sides
  • Coating of stripes and lines
  • Wavy and net-like coating
  • Flexible creation of samples by screen and nozzle system with 3 nozzles
  • Sensitive regulation of the silicone quantity by fine adjusting screws
  • User-friendly adjusting of the coating head
  • Short steamer before the drying chamber
  • Horizontal drying behind the coating unit by means of a continuous tape transport
  • Quick change of item by easy accessible large spiral dryer with 4 adjustable deflecting rollers and tape guidance
  • Standard execution upgradable for dot coating


  • Elastic tapes for underwear
  • Laces, medical tapes
  • Label tapes
  • Technical tapes


  • Coating of dots by high pressure through nozzles and microprocessor control
  • Size, shape and density of the dots adjustable by microprocessor control
  • Equipment for the coating of 2 ends
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