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Systems for Deying / Finishing / Coating
MFR H – Continuous, single and multi end dyeing and pigmenting ranges for medium to heavy webbings

Pad/thermosol and pad/steam ranges for polyester and cotton or polyamide fibres. Both facilities can be incorporated into a single range to give a fully versatile machine, especially when incorporating pigment dyeing and heat setting facilities for all thermoplastic fibres.

Important features:

  • In both thermosol and steam ranges the evenness of heat distribution throughout the fixation chambers ensures consistent results.
  • Heat setting/pigmenting ranges may be equipped with heavy duty haul and brake units to allow the control of residual elongation in the heaviest of webbings.


  • In combination ranges the control system may be configured to allow simultaneous, dual operation, for example pigmenting/heat setting and conventional pad steam.
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