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Systems for Deying / Finishing / Coating
MFR...A – Compact continuous fixation and finishing machine

For elastic and non elastic ribbons.
For light to medium-heavy ribbons.

Produktion sizesmallmediumlarge
Roller width [mm]180300300
Ribbon content in the hot air dryer [m]243450
Number of ribbons [10 mm wide]81212
Number of ribbons [25 mm wide]488
Max. adjustable speed [m/min]202030


  • Deflecting rollers with double bearings in the dryer for heavy ribbons


  • High user-friendliness and little space requirements by a compact design and comfortable accessibility
  • High efficiency and efficiency rate due to its user-friendliness
  • Little time needed for changing item
  • Energy-saving way of operation, for example by an efficient hot-air dryer in contrast to the conventional drying by cylinders
  • The modular machine construction principle allows the efficient integration of customer-specific requirements
  • The upper and lower deflecting rollers in the dryer allow a reciprocal ribbon drying from which results an optimal ribbon smoothening and lustre effect
  • Parallel ribbon guidance and deflecting rollers adjustable to work on slip allow an easy control and optimal shrinkage of elastic ribbons


  • Continuous finishing and fixation of elastic and non-elastic ribbons
  • Continuous pigment dyeing of ribbons


  • Deflecting rollers with double bearing in the dryer for heavy ribbons
  • Increase of production capacity by additional infrared pre-dryer before the hot air dryer
  • Electrically and gas driven heating in the hot air dryer
Name Description Size
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 MFR_A_en_04_09.pdf EN 267.60 KB
 MFR_A_es_04_09.pdf ES 204.68 KB
 MFR_A_fr_04_09.pdf FR 206.39 KB
 MFR_A_tr_04_09.pdf TR 243.68 KB
 MFR_A_ch_04_09.pdf CN 360.23 KB

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