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Warp Crochet Knitting Systems
RASCHELINA®RD3.8 - Crochet knitting machines with weft insertion

For elastic and non-elastic articles.

Usable width [mm]420 THS420 HS420 TU
 630 THS630 HS630 TU
Max. no. of weft bars348
Patent needles [PN]5,5  per cm or 15/20 per inch
Repeat [pattern chain]12 – 80 / 12 – 66


*Gauge 10 only to 3/420, partial weft insertion not possible

All precision parts are manufactured using top grade materials and guarantee high operational reliability and product quality.


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  • Harmonious movement sequences
  • Exact synchronisation
  • High operational reliability and product quality
  • Easy handling and access to every area
  • Universal application
  • Spun yarns and twistless filaments can beemployed in the weft without problems
  • Short set-ting-up times
  • Variety of alternative items of equipment for small and medium-sized orders


  • Rubber transport with feeding from up to 3 delivery systems
  • Warp thread supply from the cone creel or with positive drive
  • Positive weft thread transport system
  • Partial warp beam let-off for rubber, weft and warp with electronic drive or mechanical brake
  • Ribbon transport, whether at the side or behind the machine
  • Thermosetting


  • Women's underwear
  • Men's underwear
  • Technical articles
  • Bandaging
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