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Warping systemS
SMA21" + SMA800 

Warping machine for elastic and non-elastic yarns

 SMA 21"SMA800
Max. warping speed for
non-elastic yarns
800 m/min.800 m/min.
Max. warping speed for
elastic yarns
Max. beam width535 mm
[option: 700mm]
800 mm
[option: 1000mm]
Max. flange diameter

535 mm

800 mm

SMA21” and SMA800 warping machines represent the systematic further development of the SMA535 and SMA800 models.


  • Siemens S7 control system
  • Powered lifting and lowering device for the in-sertion and removal of the warp beam
  • Powered motion of the warp beam bearing
  • Pneumatic warp beam clamping
  • Expanding reed with a laying device and 9 segments in a zigzag pattern in the SMA21” and 11 segments in the case of the SMA800
  • Adjustable reed traverse device with a stroke of up to 30 mm
  • Leasing device
  • Safety device


  • Thread tension control device with negatively driven evener rollers for non-elastic yarns
  • Preliminary feeder for elastic yarns
  • Width-adjustable contact rollers for constant warping pressure; adjustments can be made during warping
  • Antistatic device with 2 rods
  • Wax or oil device
  • Remote control
  • Warping machine mounted on rollers
  • Load measurement bar for the detection and regulation of thread tension (in combination with preliminary feeder)
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