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Winding and Make-up
BLA-S/BLE – Tape festooning machines

For layering and packaging elastic and non-elastic articles, trimming-, stretch-, waist-, bodice-, hosiery and curtain tapes into boxes.

Tape width7 – 50 mm [20 – 90 mm]7– 50 mm
Traverse speedup to 100 m/minup to 130 m/min
Box size330x330 mm | height up to 330 mm400x400 mm [330x330 mm] | height up to 450 mm

Important features:

  • Simple operation
  • Tape width infinitely adjustable during operation
  • Precise linear measurement
  • Fast conversion for article change
  • BLA-S: semi-automatic
  • BLE: fully automatic, convenient operation including transfer of the tape layers into boxes or packaging paper, precise and uniform packing density

The packaged unit is insensitive to mechanical influences during transport.

Name Description Size
 BLA_S_61001_de_10_03.pdf DE 143.94 KB
 BLA_S_en_61001_10_03.pdf EN 133.79 KB
 BLA_S_fr_61001_10_03.pdf FR 131.18 KB
 BLA_S_it_61001_10_03.pdf IT 133.34 KB
 BLA_S_es_61001_10_03.pdf ES 131.21 KB
 BLA_S_61001_tr_10_03.pdf TR 158.28 KB
 BLA_S_61001_zh_10_03.pdf CN 190.42 KB
Name Description Size
 BLE_de_61028_05_05.pdf DE 122.42 KB
 BLE_en_61028_05_05.pdf EN 120.95 KB
 BLE_es_61028_05_05.pdf ES 122.61 KB
 BLE_tr_61028_05_05.pdf TR 157.71 KB
 BLE_ch_61028_05_05.pdf CN 178.42 KB

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