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Winding and Make-up
BLA-S – Tape festooning machines

For layering and packaging elastic and non-elastic articles, trimming-, stretch-, waist-, bodice-, hosiery and curtain tapes into boxes.

Tape width7 – 50 mm [20 – 90 mm]
Traverse speedup to 100 m/min
Box size330x330 mm | height up to 330 mm

Important features:

  • Simple operation
  • Tape width infinitely adjustable during operation
  • Precise linear measurement
  • Fast conversion for article change
  • BLA-S: semi-automatic

The packaged unit is insensitive to mechanical influences during transport.

Name Description Size
 BLA_S_61001_de_10_03.pdf DE 143.94 KB
 BLA_S_en_61001_10_03.pdf EN 133.79 KB
 BLA_S_fr_61001_10_03.pdf FR 131.18 KB
 BLA_S_it_61001_10_03.pdf IT 133.34 KB
 BLA_S_es_61001_10_03.pdf ES 131.21 KB
 BLA_S_61001_tr_10_03.pdf TR 158.28 KB
 BLA_S_61001_zh_10_03.pdf CN 190.42 KB

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