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Winding and Make-up
HW – Measuring and winding machine

Semi-automatic, for elastic and non-elastic tapes, braids, cords, trimmings and lace.

Further variants:

HW-Jumborolls ø max. 1000 mm
HW-ECOrolls ø max. 300 mm
HW-ZS + HW-ZRedge and lurex beams ø max. 400 mm

Design variations for spools, rolls, bundles, cards and their combinations, as well as warp beams for edge and lurex threads.

Important features:

  • Flexible application
  • Quick change of articles
  • High-precision measuring
  • Sales promoting packaging
  • Convenient operation
  • Microprocessor controlled [spool/card ]
  • Winding parameter storage as data record [spool/card]

MOVEMENTS with a precision of 0.1 MM ARE GUARANTEED.

Name Description Size
 HW_60992_de_05_05.pdf DE 316.96 KB
 HW_60992_en_05_05.pdf EN 311.51 KB
 HW_60992_es_05_05.pdf ES 316.25 KB
 HW_60992_tr_05_05.pdf TR 359.61 KB
 HW_60992_zh_05_05.pdf CN 506.09 KB
Name Description Size
 HW-ECO_61080_de_05_07.pdf DE 197.52 KB
 HW-ECO_61080_en_05_07.pdf EN 195.83 KB
 HW-ECO_61080_es_05_07.pdf ES 205.97 KB
 HW-ECO_61080_tr_05_07.pdf TR 242.88 KB
 HW-ECO_61080_zh_05_07.pdf CN 337.84 KB
Downloads HW-ZS + W-ZR
Name Description Size
 HW_Z_de_61087_05_07.pdf DE 487.91 KB
 HW_Z_en_61087_05_07.pdf EN 488.53 KB
 HW_Z_es_61087_05_07.pdf ES 487.54 KB
 HW_Z_tr_61087_05_07.pdf TR 532.21 KB
 HW_Z_zh_61087_05_07.pdf CN 647.29 KB

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