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Winding and Make-up
KAM-18 – Card winding machine
BAM-160 – Bundling and labelling machine

Fully automatic, for elastic and non-elastic tapes, braids, cords, trimmings and lace.

KAM-18Card width60 – 180 mm
 Winding width18 – 100 mm
BAM-160Bundle length76 – 160 mm
 Tape width10 – 50 mm [Option: 20 – 70 mm]

Important features:

  • High winding capacity
  • Convenient operation
  • Easy setting and adjustment
  • Automatic calculation of the winding parameters
  • Driven tape feeding device
  • KAM-18: Winding parameters stored as data record; Cellophaning device
  • BAM-160: Winding of double bundles as option; Transparent PVC banderoles as option
Name Description Size
 KAM_18_60996_de_04_05.pdf DE 152.20 KB
 KAM_18_60996_en_04_05.pdf EN 152.39 KB
 KAM_18_60996_es_04_05.pdf ES 153.82 KB
 KAM_18_60996_tr_04_05.pdf TR 189.41 KB
 KAM_18_60996_zh_04_05.pdf CN 198.50 KB
Name Description Size
 BAM_160_de_60995_04_09.pdf DE 135.79 KB
 BAM_160_en_60995_04_09.pdf EN 134.10 KB
 BAM_160_es_60995_04_09.pdf ES 137.24 KB
 BAM_160_tr_60995_04_09.pdf TR 173.67 KB
 BAM_160_zh_60995_04_09.pdf CN 188.45 KB

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