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Winding and Make-up
RAM-500 – Measuring and rolling machine

Fully automatic, for elastic and non-elastic tapes, light to moderately heavy belts and hook and loop tapes on cores.

Roll diameter90 – 500 mm [Hook and loop tapes up to 400 mm]
Tape width15 – 100 mm
Winding speedup to 400 m/min

Important features:

  • High roll capacity
  • Convenient operation
  • Controlled and reproducible winding tension
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Winding parameter storage as data record
  • Precise linear measurement
  • Needle and clip mechanism as option
  • Driven tape feeding device

It is easily set up and readjusted, making it ideally suited for making-up smaller lots.


  • Clearly arranged, neat and low-maintenance design
  • High performance through motion sequence with optimized times and motions
  • High operator convenience, easy setting and readjusting when changing tape width, format and winding length thanks to storable production parameters
  • Precision make-up lengths by exactly functioning measuring system
  • Perfect roll formation through repeatable tape tension and precise guidance
  • Constant, repeatable winding speed
  • Pneumatically actuated and interchangeable centre mountings


  • Disentangling and transporting
  • Unwinding drive
  • Measuring for elastic tapes
  • Elastically controlled tape brake for reproducible winding tension
  • Needle device for tape end fixing
  • Clip device for tape end fixing
  • Shaker/conveyor magazine for permanent centre feed, with magazine extension if necessary
  • More powerful gear motor for higher tape tensions
  • Selecting device for rolls not satisfying the programmed quality requirements
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