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Winding and Make-up
SAM-250 – Measuring and winding machine

Fully automatic, for elastic and non-elastic tapes, braids, cords, trimmings and lace.

Winding diameterbis 250 mm
Tape width for rolls10–100 mm
Tape width for spools0,5–25 mm

Important features:

  • High productivity
  • Application flexibility
  • Low style change times
  • Convenient operation
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Winding parameter storage as data record
  • Precise linear measurement
  • Driven tape feeding device

The machine requires an operational effort of only 25 %.


  • Disentangeling device for non-elastic articles
  • Tape inspector “Censor”
  • Over tension shut off
  • Optical length measuring device
  • Mechanical tape brake
  • Tape loop generator
  • Motor driven adjustment tape guide
  • 2 quick change tape guides
  • Tape cutting and end fixing device
  • Traverse drive for bobbins (SAM250 RS)
  • Labeling device
  • Magazine for empty rolls and spools
  • Spool/roll unloading device


  • High winding performance of up to 400 m/min
  • If required, also combinable for bobbin, roll and cartridge bobbin winding
  • Can be used flexibly for a wide range of articles and formats
  • Easy to set and change with programmable and retrievable product parameters
  • Precise measurement of length, also with highly elastic articles
  • Perfect bobbin and roll formation thanks to constant fabric tension and precise guide elements
  • Lateral layering of spool with fixed tape guide for constant tension
  • Micro-processor control for constant, reproducible winding conditions


  • Driven unwinding unit
  • Independent feeder units
  • Integrated feeder device for elastic articles
  • Selectable longitudinal/cross labeling
  • Pinning device
  • Staple device for cords and ribbons
  • Electronically controlled brake for tape tension
  • Cellophaning device for rolls or spools
  • Paper strip under last tape layer
  • Paper strip under cellophane
  • Edge traversing device (SAM 250 R)
  • Quality selection device for rolls not corresponding to the programmed standards (quality assurance)
  • Magazine extension for cores/cartridge bobbins
  • Motor driven magazine change
  • Cartridge bobbin/spool separation in magazine
  • Vibration magazine for cores/cartridge bobbins
  • Hot cutting device
  • Antistatic unit
  • Flange labeling unit with or without thermo transfer printer
  • Integrated photooptical tape inspection
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