Jakob Müller AG

Jakob Müller AG
Systems and Solutions
for Narrow Fabrics

A Strong Career Start

In order to meet the challenges of the future, Jakob Müller AG relies upon well educated and motivated employees who are prepared to accept responsibility. The company therefore sets a high priority on developing young professionals.

Jakob Müller AG Frick currently offers basic training in 6 disciplines:

  • Poly mechanics                [Careerprofile /pdf] [Profile in German]
  • Production mechanics      [Careerprofile /pdf] [Profile in German]
  • IT                                           [Careerprofile /pdf] [Profile in German]
  • Commerce                      [Careerprofile /pdf] [Profile in German]
  • Design                            [Careerprofile /pdf] [Profile in German]
  • Logistician                               [Careerprofile /pdf] [Profile in German