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The Jakob Müller AG Newsletter December 2013  

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“Facts” goes digital

Our customers and partners know and value “Facts” as a printed newsletter, and while we are no longer producing “Facts” on paper, we are more than pleased to continue to provide you with information. This will take place more quickly, precisely and flexibly via a digital journal. You can use the informative added value for even better joint business activities with us. This is the first digital “Facts”. So please read on!

Your Jakob Müller AG Frick Top

The new MÜGRIP MBJ6 with double jacquard

The MÜGRIP MBJ6 label weaving machine with a 1,200mm working width was successfully launched in 2011. Moreover, as of today a version with a double jacquard is available, which greatly enlarges the operational scope of this high-performance loom.


Thanks to its large operational width and additional harnesses, the MÜGRIP MBJ6 has quickly become an established market feature. And now, as a result of its equipping with a double jacquard (2x1,536) and up to 3,072 possible functions, the machine has become even more flexible.

The additional advantages in brief:



New! The NFJM2 jacquard machine with 384 hooks

We have fitted the NFJM2 loom with a 384 jacquard control system, which greatly extends your design possibilities for elastic and non-elastic narrow fabrics.

This is due to the fact that the doubling of the number of hooks allows the production of very fine narrow fabrics with higher quality lettering and striking designs, as well as the provision of wider narrow fabrics with patterning. The new NFJM2 also permits low-cost production, as it can react flexibly to differing batch sizes. Furthermore, all these features are available in combination with proven NF quality, which for years has offered robustness, operator-friendliness, safety and high speeds.


Also available as an upgrade!
Would you like to upgrade your NFJM SEC96 to the standard of the NFJM2 using SPE3 192 or SPE3 384? A conversion set which can be fitted easily, is available for this purpose.Top

Profit from a special spare part and retrofit offer!

You can avoid unexpected downtimes and increase the efficiency of your machines by means of maintenance kits and retrofitting packages. And all at an economic price!

Servicing first starts to pay dividends when you employ our maintenance kits, which contain the most frequently required original spare parts.

Accordingly, taking advantage of our kit offer brings numerous benefits:

In addition, we also offer you various retrofit packages subject to the same favourable conditions. This is an especially low-price possibility for increased output from your machines.

Our maintenance kit offer
Our retrofit package offer

Attractive maintenance kits simplify machine servicing with a price advantage.

Photo: A rapier repair, spare part set for the MBJ3.0Top

The MÜCAD 4.0 and new supplementary packages are available now.

With the changes to the MÜCAD 4.0, which is compatible with Windows 8 back to Windows XP, and the supplementary packages, you can both update your design system to the very latest standard and further optimise your processes.

Apart from greater compatibility, MÜCAD 4.0 contains detailed improvements for even greater operational comfort. MÜCAD 4.0 is immediately available. Performance description and service information

MÜCAD 4.0 

You can enlarge the scope of performance of the MÜCAD 4.0 as required. The following packages are newly available:

Detailed description of the MÜCAD 4.0 supplementary packages

Consulting by our design creation and programming system service team:
Phone: +41 62 865 55 54
E-mail: cap.jmf@mueller-frick.com


Increased productivity for your knitting machines.

Retrofitting with compound needles using a 4/cm gauge raises the productivity of older knitting machines by up to 30 per cent and offers greater pattern creation possibilities.

Jakob Müller AG knitting machines are either fitted with latch or compound needles. Both types are only partially suitable for coarse knit distributions. Compound needles do offer various advantages as opposed to latch needles, but to date could not be used for 4/cm gauge. The new compound needle eradicates this disadvantage.

Machines with this new compound needle:

In the case of machines that already use a 4/cm gauge, a switch to the new needles is straightforward and the knocking-over bar does not need to be changed. Should other distributions be switched to compound needles, the weft laying bars, guide needles, warp laying bars and knocking over bars require replacement.

The following machines can all be retrofitted with compound needles.

For an offer please contact our spare parts department:
E-mail: parts.jmf@mueller-frick.com


Inspiring Narrow Fabrics Conference

This year’s Jakob Müller AG Narrow Fabrics Conference was predominated by the topic of intelligent and functional narrow textiles and the related markets and areas of application. Among those mentioned in the course of presentations were electrically conductive narrow fabrics for intelligent clothing, near end contour produced narrow fabrics for fibre reinforcement in compound materials and innovative textiles for the growing medical sector market. It also became clearly evident that owing to their complexity such products can increasingly only be manufactured in the course of inter-segmental cooperation.

13th NFC
Photo: During the evening programme of the 13th Narrow Fabric Conference the guests enjoyed an excursion to Luzern with dinner on the Vierwaldstättersee.


Quality management system certification renewed

Jakob Müller AG, Frick has possessed continuous ISO 9001 certification since1997. Following a thorough examination by the LRQA certification company the accreditation has been renewed for another three years.




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