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The Jakob Müller AG Newsletter July 2014  

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ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014: inspiration for both you and us

At the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014 from 16-20 June, Jakob Müller AG presented a strong machine programme with a focus on innovation.

Our representatives on the spot were able to register lively interest on the part of numerous visitors, which was reflected by a positive balance with regard to new orders and sales leads. In Shanghai we were able to further cultivate existing customer ties and lay the foundations for new relationships. We also obtained valuable feedback in the course of discussions and it is such dialogues that make the attendance at trade fairs so worthwhile. Moreover, should you have missed us at the ITMA ASIA, we would stress that we are at your service at any time, as we all share a common passion for ribbons and narrow fabrics.

JMF Booth


The new MÜJET® MBJL6: field tests passed with flying colours

The star on the Jakob Müller stand at the ITMA ASIA was the MÜJET® MBJL6. This represents the latest air jet technology generation and has been specially developed for high productivity and flexibility without any compromises in the quality area.

In the run-up to the official product launch, pioneer customers put the MÜJET® MBJL6 through its paces. These tests provided outstanding results and therefore although the machine is new, it is already proven. Its benefits are too numerous to list in full, but hopefully a few will suffice:


The possibilities offered by this innovative machine are now available for the production of precisely the labels that the textile market is seeking.


And the Winner is … NHJM2 53

With minimum energy consumption in combination with maximum efficiency, the NHJM2 53 jacquard loom is the ideal choice for companies looking for a bargain buy.

“Advanced Engineering” is Jakob Müller AG’s leitmotif. Consequently, our machines may be slightly more expensive than those of the competition. However, if the overall costs are considered, we more than stand up to comparison, as our machines achieve life cycle costs that are among the lowest in any international comparison. A fact demonstrated by the NHJM2 53 narrow fabric jacquard loom.

NHJM2 53

One example of just how Jakob Müller AG designs its machines in line with a strict orientation towards the best possible, customer cost-benefit ratio is offered by the main drive of the NHJM2 53:

This brushless servomotor is mounted directly on the jacquard machine and powers both it and the loom via a toothed belt. This new drive concept has been custom-made for the NHJM2 53, as the jacquard requires more power than the loom. Accordingly, the loads on the drive train to the loom are reduced, thus creating positive effects with regard to both wear and energy consumption. The new drive concept and the use of an electronic control unit instead of a mechanical system also provide a major cut in the energy requirement.


Jakob Müller AG in-house: change of leadership

Robert Reimann

Robert Reimann has assumed the management of the Jakob Müller Group. More information www.mueller-frick.com