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The Jakob Müller AG Newsletter November 2014  

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You can rely on us

Dear Customers,

«After the election is before the election» is a truism employed in the political world. It implies that those voted into office must prove themselves in order to retain their mandates at the next election.

A similar rule applies to the purchase of capital goods. For although the cycles are longer and, for example, Müller equipment frequently fulfils its tasks for decades, we too must also earn the trust placed in us by customers buying our machines. This is essential to ensuring that we are among the frontrunners when the next selection process is due.

Accordingly, we spare no expense as far as our after-sales services are concerned. «One-stop-shopping» is the principle and therefore Muller’s comprehensive services are also an integral part of the machinery itself.

Following a purchase, some one hundred employees are on hand at the central Helpdesk, in the repairs and maintenance area, as well as in the field of upgrade and retrofit consulting and planning, in order to provide the comprehensive support that gets the maximum out of an investment. Competence, availability and speed are the benchmarks that apply to our after-sales services.

Our Helpdesk offers immediate assistance and provides access to Jakob Müller AG’s global service network.  

And it is these qualities that furnish our customers with the certainty that in every case their decision to invest in Müller machines will pay long-term dividends.

Thank you for relying on us.

Robert Reimann
Jakob Müller AG Top

New function: MÜBARCODE with QR code

In a genuinely practical solution, QR codes can now be imaged using MÜBARCODE, the supplementary MÜCAD software.

QR Code
Woven wash care label with scanable QR code.  

Around the world mobile phones have evolved into individual communications centres and as a result of this development QR codes are en route to becoming the standard, global solution for comfortable links between the analogue and digital domains. Now, updated MÜBARCODE software allows the translation of QR codes into an easily, legible weaving pattern.

In addition, MÜBARCODE has also received the Codabar, Code PDF 417, DataMatrix, Interleaved 2 of 5 Code and the EAN / UPC / JAN codes.

Ask our spare parts service about MÜBARCODE and upgrades including QR codes:

E-mail: parts.jmf@mueller-frick.com
Fax: +41 62 8655 757


Service stop – over 25 years after the end of production

Up to today, Jakob Müller AG has stored and delivered spare parts for a number of machines that have been out of production for more than 25 years. Demand has steadily tailed off. A final call for orders to be placed prior to 30 April 2015 now offers a last chance for a stock update.

The cessation of services for older machines affects the following models:

Should you still have one or other of these machines in operation, we would recommend that you use this opportunity to cover your spares requirements with the appropriate components.

Details on our website.


Müller specialist literature at a special price – Profit from this offer:

Additional knowledge now pays double dividends, as the previously published volumes in our specialist literature series for the narrow fabrics industry are currently available to our customers at special prices. Both books are used worldwide in universities and schools of applied sciences.

MÜBOOK Volume 1, published 2004, 155 pages.
CHF 20.– (previously CHF 50.–)


Contents: raw materials for the narrow fabrics industry, overview of preparatory processes for weaving and knitting, warp production, machine set-ups, narrow fabric finishing, packaging of narrow fabrics, ribbons, belts, cords, braids and threads, etc.


MÜBOOK Volume 2, published 2005, 293 pages.
CHF 60.– (previously CHF 180.–)


Contents: narrow fabrics weaving in general, machine technology, technical calculations and weaving theory.

Extracts from MÜBOOKs 1 and 2 and an order form are available here.


Bargain machinery and accessories from the Factory Outlet

Additional machines are again available from the Factory Outlet.

Check out our list of offers, get in touch and come to Frick. We will be pleased to show you the machinery in detail.

Factory Outlet
Original Müller machines available for immediate delivery at interesting prices.