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The Jakob Müller AG Newsletter April 2015  

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Innovation – a permanent assignment

Dear Customers,

Jakob Müller AG is constantly further developing its products. Accordingly, today we would like to simultaneously present you with several machines, which owing to innovations now offer increased performance and an extended range of applications.

This year, we will be present at two major trade fairs and look forward to greeting you in person in Frankfurt and Milan.

We wish you every success with your business activities.

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More power and possibilities with the NHJM2 53

The top model of the successfully launched NHJM2 53 series of jacquard narrow fabric looms offers an impressive range of patterning possibilities with up to 384 hooks and a maximum pattern length of 6,300 picks.

The range of applications include elastic and non-elastic narrow fabrics with woven motifs such as names, logos and fashionable elements with warp effect. The machine’s special advantages include:

The NHJM2 53 is highly efficient, but nonetheless undemanding when in operation. As a result of the minimisation of the number of mechanical components, it only requires less than 2 kW of energy and very little maintenance.

NHJM2 53
The NHJM2 53 is a hard worker with creative potential.

Additional information is available here. Top

The NH2 53 narrow fabric loom has become even cleverer:

It now also has mastery of weaving system V.

The electronically controlled NH2 53 4/66 and 6/42 narrow fabric looms have now been prepared for operations using weaving system V. Therefore, it is now possible to use the machines for products that demand:

Another option. V-system narrow fabric weaving on the NH2 53.

Additional information about the NH2 53 is available here.


MÜTHERM 2/450: gearwheels instead of chains

To date, the MÜTHERM 2/450 was already a highly efficient machine for the double-sided thermofixing of light to medium weight narrow fabrics. However, we have now upgraded it further by entirely replacing the mixture of chains and gearwheels previously used for the machine drive with a system consisting solely of gearwheels.

In practice this meant that until now, depending on the gearing installed, the machine operated in two speed ranges at either between 0.27 and 5.5 m/min, or between 0.55 and 10.99 m/min. A switch from one range to the other involved a gear change.

However, now the MÜTHERM 2/450 offers a speed range of 0.26 to 14.65 m/min with a simple gearwheel substitution and no gearing change. Another new feature is the option of separately adjustable in – and outflow speeds with a digital display for reproducible production results. This represents a major operational simplification.

Additional information about the MÜTHERM 2/450 is available here.op

MFR1C SE/DE: try it out!

The textile market is becoming increasingly specialised and batch sizes ever smaller. Jakob Müller has a cost-efficient and operationally outstanding answer.

The dyeing and finishing of elastic and non-elastic narrow fabrics.

The MFR 1C SE/DE dyeing and finishing system in single or dual end versions facilitates quick batch changes with a minimum use of resources and offers optimum results with regard to colourfastness and elasticity. Moreover, the machine has already confirmed its performance ratings during operations at various customer companies.

Our Czech subsidiary in Kadan is the group’s competence and production centre for dyeing and finishing equipment and at the company’s pilot dye shop an MFR1C SE/DE is in operation with which we are pleased to make test runs using the narrow fabrics of your choice.

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Customer Service news

«Last call» for spares for old Müller machines. Take advantage of the final deadline.

April 30th 2015 will see a change in the spare part system for Müller machines that became operational more than 25 years ago. May we suggest that you use this final chance to purchase spares for such equipment.

Detailed information is available here.


Parts of the Month: spares with attractive price reductions on a monthly basis.

Every month you can obtain one spare part per product segment at an attractive price. This adds up to a great opportunity to cut your operating costs without taking any quality risks.

The latest Parts of the Month can be found here.op

See you at 2015’s most important fairs

Techtextil Frankfurt, May 4th – 7th 2015

Jakob Müller AG will be attending the Techtextil 2015 together with COMEZ INTERNATIONAL s.r.l. and therefore renowned Müller hospitality will await you on Booth B19 in Hall 3.

As far as the product presentations are concerned, we will be focusing on the NH2 53 2/130 narrow fabrics loom, the fully automatic UV60-RS roll and bobbin winder and the electronically controlled COMEZ ACOTRONIC 600 knitting machine with compound needle technology.

We look forward to seeing you!

Techtextil 2015


ITMA Milan, November 12th-19th 2015

At the ITMA in Milan, Jakob Müller AG and COMEZ INTERNATIONAL s.r.l. will have a joint presence with an innovative stand design and a wealth of fresh ideas. You can look forward with anticipation to seeing our new look and the way in which we intend to present the guiding principle of the ITMA 2015, “sustainability and innovation”, in true Müller fashion.

Reserve enough time for a visit to our booth D110 in Hall 3 and a trip to COMEZ in Cilavegna.

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